Thursday, March 03, 2011

Simple Me

I wrote this response on a Donald Miller blog post. His posts are always good, and provide lots of thought-snacking. This particular one is aimed, although not explicitly, at the furor over Rob Bell's new book, which most people haven't read yet. In spite of that little fact, everyone's chiming in.

My response fits many faith-arguments around today. What do you think?

My mother is 92 years old, and she’s more like a child than ever. Nothing is very complicated anymore. If it is, she doesn’t have time for it.
The older I get the more I chafe at the anthropocentric complexities of the good news. If God, sovereign and incredible, communicates to humanity, broken and finite, it only makes sense that he does so simply.
I don’t think I’m lazy, or anti-intellectual, or simple-minded. But I’m weary of taking something that is to be believed with child-like faith and making it so complex and confusing that it’s not-fit-for-toddlers anymore.
Mom believes Jesus. She anticipates seeing him soon. None of this stuff matters to her at all because she is close to heaven. Is it naive to think she’s exactly where we should be?

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Sherry said...

We might all do good with a little dementia.

"Be Jesusy" and "Do everything out of love" is simple. Beyond that it's all speculative, mystery, and God's decision--not ours.

Lately all the buzz over Christian Discernment is... too much. I suppose it's nothing new.

I love RobB, JohnP, MarkD, and many others. They speak truth to right people at right times. Maybe edges get fuzzy with those that get really really bold, but the core is truth. Each has had turns directing back to basics: Jesusy love. Wish we could all (including the 3 mentioned above) be graceful and less defensive (eg: intently seeking/naming false prophets). Anyhoo, I’ll be reading “that book” and I’m sure there will be parts that draw me to Truth and spur me to glorify God.

Grandma Benson, she's got Jesusy love (and a nice invisible man singing songs to boot). Pretty simple. It works. I like it.