Tuesday, January 03, 2012

In Matters of Taste

God expresses himself and his truth in stories. The Bible, to be sure. But elsewhere, too. Many of these stories bear themes of redemption, grace, love, and home. I like stories like that. I eat them up.

To find them, I like reading books, watching movies, and viewing TV shows. I don't like everything I taste. I might not care for something that you enjoy. I also don't have time to watch and read everything. But like a recipe that's really good, or a restaurant discovery, it's fun to share what you like. When I find a book, movie, or TV program that I like, I want to talk about it.

Which makes people tire of me quickly.

So to spare the chatter, on Tuesdays I will write about what I like here. I'll attempt to give you a taste of the stuff that flavors truth and puts redemption on a plate. I'll also let you know what I think doesn't live up to the picture on the recipe.

And I encourage your responses and critique. As long as we all understand, De gustibus non disputandum est-- In matters of taste there is no debate.

Next week: the movie, Hugo.

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David Andrews said...

Looking forward to your insights Ron.