Thursday, February 05, 2009

Super Bowl Morality

When a church shows the SB on a big screen and makes a party out of it, what do you do with the skanky commercials?

It bugs me that the SB power-markets to kids (showing the new Monsters preview in 3D) while at the same time using in-your-face sexuality to sell web space, something kids won't be buying. So what's a church to do?

- Turn off the feed during each commercial break.  The problem here is that the commercials are at least half of the appeal.  For non-football people, the game is just plain boring most of the time. The commercials are hilarious and fun and certainly a core part of the whole SB package.
- Turn off the feed when something bad pops up." This is fine as long as we're all agreed about the definition of "bad." Is bad a racy image, a suggestive phrase, a beer or liquor promotion, a pitch for a credit card you can't afford? There are some who consider an ad for a hamburger immoral, since you have to kill an animal to eat it, and if you do eat it you'll die from high colesterol. And this solution only works if the person on the switch is quick of finger and paying attention.
- Divide and conquer. You could have a room marked "XXX Adults Only!" and show the uncensored version in there, while the rest watch the SB sans any commercials. Better make it a big room.
- Leave it to the wise, understanding, and tasteful people at the networks. After all, they know what's best for all of us. It's a matter of trust.
- Lobby the industry to put two versions of the SB on the air, using their cable franchises. This is not a bad idea. They could actually sell twice the commercial slots, and one version could be "family friendly." Why haven't they thought of this?
- Don't have a Super Bowl party at church. This is an answer that works, actually. People can host SB parties and decide for themselves what they want to do about the commercials.

What do you think?