Sunday, April 01, 2007

Running Toward Dad

We've all seen the video by now. A Navy soldier, home from Iraq, surprises his son at school. If you haven't seen it, check it out here--but be prepared. It will make you cry.
Here it is: Homecoming.
When I think of heaven, this is how I picture meeting Jesus. I imagine seeing him, maybe across the parking lot. I'll know him as soon as my eyes glance his direction, even if he's far away--even if he's surrounded by other people. He will look my direction, and our eyes will lock. I will hesitate, I think, for a fraction of a minute. I will sift through my next move, thinking about the impropriety of bursting into a run, and wondering if I should run the other way.
But something in his eyes, just a look and a smile--something will tell me that it will be OK, I can just be me. And then I will run.
While running I will cry. Joy, grief, shame, and utter delight will all flood in at once. I will run into him full speed, but he will take the blow with a laugh, and he will wrap me up into a God-warmed bear hug.
He will laugh and cry. I will cry. He will squeeze me.
I will be home.


Vera said...

um, Although the video of the little boy did get me, it was more difficult to get through your description of seeing Jesus for the first time. But I don't think I'll be thinking of propriety cuz m'legs'll just wanna run toward Him! And there will likely be that childlike giggle.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was touching. We all know that it must be difficult for the families of those serving our country, but to actually see the reaction of the six year boy seeing his dad really puts it into perspective. Likewise, I think that seeing Him (Jesus) before my very eyes when I get to heaven and knowing of all the sufferings he has gone through for me; I think I would react the same way that little child did, but instead, I’ll be crying at His feet, probably unwilling to look directly in His eyes for a few moments because of my unworthiness.