Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Longing

Donald Miller writes about meeting Makoto Fujimura in his blog here. Here's a bit:

"After Mako became a Christian, he realized there was a reason for beauty, and beauty was not to be feared but to be admired. His paintings, now, are designed to create in the viewer a sense of ache, a sense of longing for the eternal, for the metaphysical.

This interpretation of the artists actions causes me to wonder about the nature of God as an artist. I am wondering if sunsets, faces, mountains and rivers were not designed to give us this same emotion. I am wondering if they are not invitations to know God more fully, more completely. This seems the nature of a love letter, in ways. That is, a love letter adores and praises, but also invites a greater intimacy."

Here is Fujimura's website, where some of his work is displayed: Artsy’s Makoto Fujimura Page

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