Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Intelligence, Jesus, Art

A writing friend, Mary DeMuth, shares healthy comments on arts, smarts, and Jesus here: The Master's Artist.

Mary has written a great non-fiction book for parents who were not raised as Christians. Reality being what it is, however, all of us need adjustments in our parenting protocol, whether we are GUBA's (Grown Up Born Again) or not. I benefitted from Mary's insights. I'm a PK.

(We need our own book, by the way. Maybe - PK Recovery: Learning to Love the Church after Growing to Hate It).

Mary's book is called Building the Christian Family You Never Had. You can learn about Mary and more about the book at Mary's website: Relevant Prose. Or click on the picture to order it.


Steve Miller said...

Finally, I know who I am! I'm a GUBA!

Mary DeMuth said...


Thanks for mentioning the book!


Heather Ivester said...

I also read and enjoyed Mary's book. It's a great resource for parents. You can read an interview with her here in my blog:

Anonymous said...

I read Mary's book and would recommend it to GUBAs (so that’s who I am!) as well as to her target audience, Pioneer Parents. Her thought-provoking advice, based on scripture and experience, is coupled with haunting, entertaining, and poignant anecdotes. From the painful revelations to the giggles, each chapter from Mary’s parenting journey is woven with God’s goodness--gentle conviction delivered with a heaping spoonful of grace.

Ron Benson said...

I need to make it known that "GUBA" is not my creative acrostic. It is from the book, "Growing Up Born Again" by Patricia Klein.